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Reseller’s Policy

Inogen’s Authorized Resellers

Please Be Careful – Purchase from Authorized Resellers Only!

Please be aware that if you purchase the Inogen One from a company who is not on the Authorized Reseller list below, you are not buying from an Inogen Authorized Reseller.

If you purchase Inogen products from a source other than Inogen, Inc. or an Inogen Authorized Reseller then you are buying at your own risk. Below are some of the risks of buying from Non-Authorized Resellers:

  • You may not necessarily have access to after sales service – all Inogen warranty claims are processed through the original purchaser. Inogen is the only company authorized to service or repair the Inogen One. Service or repair of the Inogen One by any other company will void Inogen’s warranty.
  • You may not necessarily have access to after sales support.
  • You could end up buying used, damaged, or – in the worst case – stolen products.

Be careful who you purchase from – it does make a difference. Below are the benefits of purchasing from an Authorized Reseller:

  • An Authorized Reseller will help you if your Inogen products need service.
  • An Authorized Reseller is knowledgeable about Inogen products.
  • An Authorized Reseller has the full support of Inogen, the manufacturer.
  • An Authorized Reseller stocks Inogen products.
  • An Authorized Reseller is scrutinized by Inogen prior to authorization.
  • An Authorized Reseller is financially responsible.
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